Valley Center, CA 

Kenny Lawson is a third-generation horse trainer whose greatest inspiration and influence was his father, Rob Tanner, a highly respected world champion horse trainer. Apprenticeship started at a very young age, which developed Kenny to become a top trainer for one of the world’s most complex breeds of horses, the American Saddlebred. Competing at the national and world level his entire childhood, Kenny ultimately earned two world championships at Louisville, Kentucky. Later in life, Kenny stayed true to his family equestrian tradition and began to teach his son and daughter to ride at a very young age. Under Kenny’s instruction, his daughter Rylee won fifth place at the world championships at Louisville when she was only eight years old, a proud moment for both dad and grandpa! After several years in Carlsbad, California, the equestrian market drove Rob to Versailles, Kentucky permanently, and Kenny went the way of the American Quarter Horse. Currently, Kenny is the only professional trainer in California specializing in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. He is a dedicated to trainer well known for solving some of the most difficult horse behavior problems. 

In April 2014, Kenny was selected to participate in the “Horsemen’s Re-union” in Paso Robles, California. The event is considered a top honor according to professional horsemen. Over the course of six short days, spectators can watch 20 horsemen specially chosen from around the globe to prepare (or as some would say, “break”) 40 colts for sale. Kenny currently holds State, Regional, National and World titles in Cowboy Mounted Shooting, and has trained horses and coached their riders to win multiple titles in the sport as well. Kenny is the founder and current President of the California Peacekeepers Mounted Shooting Association; California’s premier Mounted Shooting Club. 

Kenny enjoys training and educating horses by which the horse has a good experience. “Educating horses does not require rough handling, in fact quite the opposite”, Kenny will often tell his students. Kenny’s ability to educate horses without taking their curiosity away is something to be greatly admired. “Riding a horse, and training a horse are two very different interactions, it is critical for the safety and wellbeing of the horse and rider, that both parties are properly educated. This will also make the equestrian experience much more rewarding for both horse and rider.” Kenny is often referred to as the “trainers, trainer.” 

The Silver Dollar Ranch is based in Valley Center, CA where Kenny and his wife Leann live with their children. 

(760) 805-6061 

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